About Smart Sensum

Smart Sensum develops radar and smart communication systems using multiple antennas and proprietary algorithms

Radar Systems

Smart Sensum develops a variety of small and cost-effective radar sensors based on mmWave and AI technology for different areas, such as automotive, healthcare telemedicine, robotics, and avionics.

  • Automotive – In Cabin Sensing

The system provides continuously monitoring of vital signs of a driver and detects the presence and location of passengers in the car

It can be used for the following used cases:

1.    Detecting a baby in a car and preventing forgetting a baby 

2.    Getting an alert when a driver doesn’t feel good or is fall asleep

3.    Counting the number of passengers

Advantage: keeping privacy as no video link or recording is involved

  • Automotive – Road 

Traffic Monitoring for smart traffic lights by monitoring road conjunction

  • Healthcare Telemedicine

Our system provides continuous monitoring of vital signs, bed occupancy as well the orientation of a person lying in the bed.  It also supports two persons in a bed scenario, tracking each person individually. It can also alert when a person is lying on the floor.

  • Avionics

Additional family of our sensors is dedicated to be installed on drones for sensing obstacles during flight

  • Robotics

Our sensors technology can be used on dedicated sensors to be installed on robots for sensing the obstacles during movement

Communication Systems for Avionics

With our technology, we claim to resolve one of the key challenges of keeping a stable video link of long-range drones. Our unique long-range communication system designed for video transmission is using smart metasurface antenna technology combined with AI.  By using our concept, we may enlarge the communication range and stability significantly compared to current conventional systems.