About Smart Sensum

Smart Sensum develops radar and smart communication systems using proprietary antennas and algorithms 

mmWave MIMO Radar Systems

The company develops mmWave MIMO radars with the following features

  • Multi-Range radar
  • Proprietary algorithms for smart navigation  
  • Wide field of view using proprietary antennas design  
  • Detection of range, velocity and angle of remote objects with high accuracy
  • Multi-object detection
  • Static and dynamic objects separation
  • Weather independence, not sensitive to temperature, light, smoke, fog and rain
  • Compact design
  • Cost effective 
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Simple API for system integration and additional sensors


  • Drones and small UAV
    1. Collision avoidance
    2. Obstacle detection: trees, power lines, buildings etc.
    3. Altimeter for ground and vegetation distance measurement
    4. Ground / water classification
  • Military / defense applications
  • Industry 4.0

Smart Antennas Based Metasurfaces for Communication and Radar Systems

The company develops cost effective smart antenna systems based on programmable metasurfaces. By using programmable metasurfaces it allows to control the wavefront of EM waves and improve performance of communication systems. Our main focus is development of beamforming antennas.  

  • No phase shifters are needed
  • Multi-functional adaptive patterns
  • Cost effective


  • Radars / Communication
  • UAV including drones
  • Vehicles
  • 5G
  • Military / Defense  
  • Industry 4.0