Broadband Directive Antenna Array

Introducing our new low-profile Broadband Directive Antenna Array, a technology based on printed circuit metasurfaces. This advanced solution enhances wireless communication and radar applications with its broadband coverage and high efficiency.

There are design options to suit different needs. The antenna array can be designed as a phased array, allowing for scanning applications, or it can be designed with a feeding network.

Consider, for example, a 2D antenna array consisting of 4×4 elements. The antenna is matched and operates in the 8.5 GHz – 12.5 GHz band.

The realized peak co-pol gain in the direction normal to the antenna surface is presented below.

The following graph depicts the total efficiency of the antenna, considering both radiation and matching losses.

Here is the graph depicting the co-polarized gain pattern of the antenna at 11 GHz.

The antenna array can be customized for various frequency bands, including X, Ku, and K, to meet specific requirements.