Programable Scanning Surface

The company develops a smart Programmable Scanning Metasurface. This innovative solution is based on a dynamic and adaptive metasurface, enabling the manipulation of electromagnetic waves in real-time.

Unlike traditional metal surfaces, a Programmable Scanning Surface offers the capability to steer waves in multiple directions, providing various benefits. For instance, it ensures efficient coverage of blind spot networks, eliminates the need for phase shifters in large antenna arrays, simplifies beamforming techniques, and enables the integration of smart tags for controlling radar cross section (RCS).

Consider, for example, a scenario where a plane wave is incident on a metal surface. The reflection of the wave follows Snell’s law, as presented below.

In contrast, with a programmable metasurface, we have full control over the wavefront scattering. This means we can steer the beam at different angles, allowing for manipulation of the scattered wave. For example, the scattering can be directed in the same direction as the incident wave.

The stars in the illustration are used for visual representation purposes only and do not represent the actual metasurface structure.